Our Services
One-Stop Service
We provide  OEM/ODM , Customized Packaging, Customized Shapes,Customized Colors and
Original Packaging Design for Brands ,. Our design office allows us to offer a specialize
one-stop-solution for clients, turning concepts into great high-quality products that
can be exported across the world.
We combine a wealth of experience in adult toy production, a strong research and
development support base, and modern methods togive clients the best service
possible and build longstanding business relationships.
Concept Drawing
Our product development teams contain skilled illustrators and product designers
working  in tandem with experienced engineers. We take abstract concepts and ideas
and turn them into drawings and sketches, with everyone giving feedback on the
process. Having multiple personnel weigh in on the design and concept at this stage
ensures any problems are addressed early on in development.



3D Drawing

 Drawing Engineers work from the 2D concept sketch to create a control drawing or digital

3D model that can be used as a basis for prototypes. Using the CAD design software and

freeform drawing machines, our designers can create accurate digital models of the product,

making modification a far easier process.







We offer 3D scanning and imaging services for production. We utilize advanced 3D scanners

for high accuracy and improved measurement, gathering complete data on complex

components with deep pockets or fine edges





Mold Making


We use both modern and traditional mold assembly and tooling techniques alongside

each other, getting the best of both worlds.  We utilize computer-controlled milling and

water cutting for making precise and accurate mold inserts.


Mold inserts are made in

 automated tooling facility , watched over by experienced engineers and highly

trained staff before mass production. 



When the molds are finished up to the exacting standards of our employees and clients,

the product is ready for mass production on a large scale at our factory complex.

Once completed, the products are delivered from our factory to all around the world





Customized Packaging 


We carry a big range of various sex toys , we accept customized packaging

for our ODM products ,We can provide free samples for your artwork of the

packaging and we can arrange mass production of the packaging


The CMYK is better  for print materials of Paper

box packaging and paperboard .  The CMYK model works by partially or entirely 

masking colors on a lighter, usually white, background. The Speciality print colours

is best but also expensive ,they are colours that lie outside the CMYK colour spectrum 





Customized Colors


Having people be in the most receptive mood is essential for their engagement

with your products. Color sets the mood of products expression, and more

importantly, creates mental associations to the meaning of your products within

the context of the world it lives in. Our Exclusive color mixing technique and  purely

hand-mixed process makes colors mixed  perfectly! Flesh ,Brown ,Black ,Pink,Rose

Red,Purple,Violet are the most welcome colors on the adult novelty field.




Customized Shapes


As a toy manufacturer for brands,we really care about the experience of consumers

during paying our toys. We have been manufacturing custom toys for 8 years, and we

absolutely love what we do!


For example ,say dual layered TPE dildo , some of the shapes

are exclusive we can not sell ,but we can make other shapes for you exclusively,just advise

us the Length,Circumference ,we will work out a digital 3D model  and show it to you for





Original Packaging Design For Brands


We have bulid good relationship with a few Art Design Firms and we help with packaging

design for some domestic adult toy Brands and now a few items for Europe brands.


Including one artwork (printing file) plus 4 piece HD pictures to show different selling points

of the toy in fully photoshop ,Printing file for packaging mass production ,HD pictures for your

online shop uses . Color boxes packaging , calmshell with paperboard packaging and gift box

are all avaibale.



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