Automatic Sucking Male Masturbator Cup

Item No.: MM100000
Automatic Sucking Male Masturbator Cup with 3 Vacuum Suction & 6 Powerful Vibration, 3D Realistic Textured Pocket Pussy

This masturbator stroker use 2 upgraded powerful motors with 3 vacuum suction and 6 vibration, it can be changed into 3*6 different combinations. If suction alone doesn’t push you over the edge, the male masturbator cup's powerful vibration will. Press the vibrating button to start up wild vibrations, The thrilling speeds and patterns will stimulate your brain, and you can't help but want to explode your wildness.

This male masturbator with the latest vacuum pumping technology can mimic the clamping and swallowing sensation during vagina and mouth. When you feel that you are 90% of the way to reach ejaculation, instantly press and hold the climax button, the stroker will suck harder and exhale slowly to simulate the squeezing feeling from the throat in the mouth you never experienced. This Cup also can be used as a penis trainer to prolong sexual endurance.

The 4.7 insertable tunnel of this male sex toy is made of 100% Soft TPE. Perfect for accommodating average-sized men, If you are a little more than average size, just long press the climax button to obtain the largest diameter,so you can insert it easily. This skin-friendly and flexible stroker is lined with multiple rows of stroking nubs, the silky-smooth touch and sense of wrapping provides overwhelming realistic blowjob-like stimulation.

The sleeve stroker is detachable, easy to clean compare with traditional masturbators. First put your finger into the cup, grab the groove, separate the inner soft sleeve from the inner vibe gently and remove from its case directly. Then run warm water through it to clean out any remaining fluids. After cleaning the inner sleeve and drying it, put it into the cup again. This swallowing  Masturabator cup is your best choice!

This man masturbation cup can be fast charging with USB magnetic charging cable, takes about 2 hours to fully charge and can work for up to 1 hour, which can totally meet your need.