Ultimate Enlargement Gauge Pump

Item No.: VN740006
Incredible suction for maximum enlargement

The Ultimate Enlargement Guage Pump is a brand new design! This hi-tech pump has an easy-to-read built-in gauge. It features include a clear vacuum tube with measures, flexible non-crimping hose, easy-to-use pumper handle, jelly soft donut Sleeve and realistic cyberskin pussy seal for comfort, and a quick release valve for maximum results.

Depending on your mood, select either the realistic vagina or jelly soft Sleeves made from medical grade silicone

• Vacuum suction pulls blood into your shaft to improve your erection

It must leaves you bigger & harder

• Recommended by doctors for men with erection problems

 1 black silicone rings 

2 entry sleeves - Realistic pussy and jelly soft Sleeves provides incentive & super-tight seal 

 Instant pressure release valve

• Chart your progress with the heavy-duty gauge

       • Measures 2.7 inches wide 11 inches in total length and 7.8” long cylinder