Unique 3 In 1 Design Cockring

Item No.: CK100001


Enhance Pleasure - By restricting blood flow of the penis, it can make you bigger and longer as well as heighten your sensitivity, bringing both you and your partner breathtaking pleasure.

Medical Grade Silicone - The penis ring is made of body-safe silicone, which is ultra soft and stretchable to provide you with worry-free experience.

Prolong Intimacy and Improve Stamina - With scientific physical design, the cock ring can effectively improve stamina and prevent premature ejaculation.

For Couples’ Complete Satisfaction: Intensify the pleasure for both of you

Fashioned entirely from premium silicone, Adorime 3 in 1 cock ring blends sleekness and suppleness together to deliver the most intensely satisfying sensations with a smooth and sensual touch.     Super Soft & Stretchy

Not too tight or uncomfortable and definitely does what it's designed to do.             

Medical Grade Silicone

Perfect for use in the bath and shower as well as ease of clean.