About Us
Who We Are .
Vscnovelty is a sex toy manufacturer in Silicone/PVC/TPE Dildos  , Vibrators, Penis toys, Anal toys ,etc. We specialize in Dual Layers,Triple Layers , Sliding/Moveable Skin and Self Lubricating technology and are dedicated to providing leading-edge solutions “from concept to reality” to help customers create better and pragmatic adult products.
At Vscnovelty, we pride ourselves on being big enough to cope and small enough to care. We deliver a complete end-to-end service, with the resources to handle large-scale orders, combined with flexibility and attention to detail.



Why Choose Us.
With more than 8 years of experience and innovation, Vscnovelty has created the processes, tools, and training to enable it to respond quickly to customer needs and market changes while still controlling costs and quality of our sex toys.
We deliver our customers a far wider range of services-OEM,ODM,  Custom Shapes,Custom Colors,Custom Packaging and Original Packaging Design for brands As a manufacturer with strong experience in the field of adult toys , we not only produce large quantities of OEM products for world-renowned brands and clients, but also carry over 250 ODM items for clients interested in distribution and new products released every month,from initial product concept and design all the way through to production,logistics and delivery. With our range and depth of capabilities ,we can help you through any and all stages of purchasing.
The Manufacturer We Trust.
We covers an area of 5000 square meters with an annual production capacity 1 million+  various sex toys. We have been working with many Europe, America and domestic sex toys brands for years . The result is that we proudly manufacturer products both to small businesses and to some of the biggest brands in the world. So whether you are starting up a new enterprise, ramping up sales, thinking about expanding your adult toys catalogy , you will find flexibility, reliability and unparalleled experience from Vscnovelty.